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Stabb Gunner 3 ::

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Hello Fictory Fans and Friends!

This week, Stabb Gunner is taking center stage at the Fictory!  The creative team of Joseph Krzmienski and Courtland Ellis has been slaving away on the next installment of their original series.

If you haven’t read Stabb Gunner so far, it’s a story following the adventures of the duo Stabb Fisticuffs and Gunner, dangerous people in a dangerous town.  The two have banded together in a vendetta against the Mayor & Crime Lord of Scene City known as the Well Dressed Man.  Together they face the entire arsenal that Well Dressed Man has at his disposal and hope to come out on top.

Our sneak preview this week is from studio artist Courtland Ellis, who has granted us some top-secret art coming from volume 3.  Check out these exclusive stills from Stabb Gunner!

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at how the Stabb Gunner workflow goes. It’s pretty much exactly like any other comic book team. I write, Courtland pencils, and I ink, color and letter. Sometimes the talented Ashley McCague is kind enough to drop in some base colors for us. Along the way, Courtland and I work out any problems the final page might sprout up as we move to a finish. When we’re ready to actually print these bad boys, we’re going to take a pass at every page, and change anything that stills bugs us after it’s in the bag! Check out the finished page HERE, or just start from the BEGINNING!

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