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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Earlier this week, on the heals of Comicon, senior members of The Fictory sat down with long time friends of the studio Damian Eby and Parker Lindstrom. In addition to being super handsome, these guys are tag-team hosts of a podcast called Stick It In Your Ear Hole. In a flurry of editing they took our mumbling and turned it into an actual sequence of coherent sentences, sometimes referred to as a conversation. We discuss every thing from the Fictory Comics, to Fubar, and of course… Atomic Robo: Last Stop. Be sure to LISTEN.

(From Left to Right: Parker Lindstrom, Jeff McComsey, Joseph W. Krzemienski, Steve Becker, Dominic Vivona. Photo by Damian Eby)

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I just love to gush about the f***king rad shit our people are working on in and outside of the Fictory. Well, look out! Because Jeff McComsey (Fictory Creative Director) has just dropped an gnarled and festering bomb on the world at large. Set in an alternate zombie infested World War II, FUBARĀ  is McComsey’s latest zombie infested sequential entry. Now, if you’re about to say “oh great, another zombie story”, I humbly suggest that you shut the hell up.

Acting as creator and creative director, McComsey’s managed to assemble an international team of indie all-stars. Including 3 more of the Fictory’s frequent collaborators, Dominic Vivona (Production Director), Steve Becker (Production Artist), and Helaine Crawford (Creative and Animation Assistant). To learn all there is to know about FUBAR jump on over to McComsey’s FUBAR BLOG. And be sure to look for him at the Baltimore Comicon were you can get your hands on the Graphic Novel, hot off the Alterna Comics presses.

Also shoot over to GeekChicDaily or Battlemouth for some great external write ups.

Don’t forget to check out other titles by Jeff, Steve, and Dom over at theFictoryComics, for FREE!!! American Terrror (Jeff), Stabb Gunner (Steve), and Mutualism (Dominic).

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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

So forgive me for gushing but, I’m really really excited about my upcoming graphic novel, Stabb Gunner. I love great sequential art, and if not for the comics I read in my formative years, I very likely would be living under a bridge right now. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Stabb Gunner has been kicking around in my head for years now. So when I was talking to penciler, Courtland Ellis, I had an idea and even sketches of what Stabb Fisticuffs might look like.

The following images are an example of how a character’s evolves drastically over time. Moving from my head, to paper, through Courtland, over to Steve Becker (on inks), and back to Courtland again for color.

STABB 1.0 by Joseph W. Krzemienski

STABB 2.0 pencils by Courtland Ellis

STABB 3.0 Pencil & Color by Courland Ellis, Ink and Tone by Steve Becker

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Monday, June 14th, 2010

Introducing Stabb Fisticuffs. One of two man characters from a graphic novel debuting this summer at The art shown is for Stabb Gunner, written by yours truly, Joseph W. Krzemienski, with pencils by Courtland Ellis and Inks by Steve Becker. This project is a dream come true for me. I’ve had this idea on the shelves for about 2 years now. With the production on animated projects siphoning all of my time, I couldn’t work on my other projects without some serious help. My most frequent collaborators, Jeff and Dom are up to their armpits in their own books (also premiering this summer), so asking them was out of the question. Well help has arrived! I find my self extremely fortunate to be working with the Lads and Lasses who make up the Fictory crew, and if those people spill over into other projects… well all the better.

We will also be featuring books by Jeff McComsey (American Terror: Eminent Domain), Dominic Vivona (Follies), Jeff Rummel (Space Bastard), and other guest contributors. I hope you’re ready to waste tons of time reading awesome content. Because with the line up we’ve got going on… it’s gonna happen.

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