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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Hey all, Production Director, Dominic Vivona here for our next installment of gross anatomy 101 animation style.

Once our animatics and backgrounds are completed for any given scene we go directly into working the key frames. To establish a well grounded character we need to have a solid idea of what environment our action will be taking place in. Key frames can begin as soon as we have this understanding so here we are going to show the key frames laid on top of the first element of the background (the background continues to grow with elements for the mid-ground, foreground, color, etc.). After we are finished with key frames the ball moves steadily along to “tweening” and coloring all of the frames. Then on to compositing (stay tuned for the next post!).

As I’m sure you noticed, Robo seems to be missing something from his ever lovin’ hands. Not to fear Atomic Robo writer, Brian Clevinger, sent us over a great pick on what type of gun Robo should be wielding in this here our little moving picture project. I must say, it’s a perfect fit. In some scenes we composite in elements rather than draw them together. As is the case for this scene, we rendered the gun separately. Here is the concept for said hand canon.

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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

This week we’ll be showing more or less what goes into a scene from boards to finish. My first job is to generate storyboards that we use to map out the short. Some shots are taken from the boards verbatim and some evolve a bit as the production goes on. After my boards are composited into the animatic I move on to generating  line art for the still backgrounds and finally the colored version that will appear in the short. Here’s shot 20 from boards to backgrounds.

Stay tuned throughout the week because next we’re showing Dominic’s key animation frames and process and THEN on Friday we’ll show a few seconds of shot 20 FULLY ANIMATED in glorious Technicolor!

-Jeff McComsey

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Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

New interns, Helaine and Nelson, hard at work.

Steve Becker finishing up the line for Helsingard

A peek at Joseph's source files for Shot 09a

Well after a forced hiatus (thanks a lot snow), we’re back at it. This week, we added two new people to the Robo crew, Nelson Potter and Helaine Crawford from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. They were put right to work on coloring and finishing animation cells. And we FINALLY managed to come up with a final animation model for Helsingard! And he f***ing rocks if I do say so myself. Look for more on that later this week.

– Joe

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Saturday, February 13th, 2010

So it took a week to complete the interlocking snow tunnels leading from our houses to the The Fictory. We’re back at it now so stay tuned for some kick ass posts this week. We might have convinced Joe to post a *small* taste of the Animated Robo on Friday. Until then enjoy a thing that will never ever appear in the short by Steve Becker.

Resident killustrator

-Jeff McComsey

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Well… things are moving a bit slower than we’d like here at the Fictory. The northeast coast has been bombarded by snowstorms and we’re no exception. In other words, we didn’t get a damn thing done. That’s what happens when you can’t get into the studio. But just because we’re not blogging this week don’t worry, check back Monday.

And stay warm!

– Joseph

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