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Monday, March 29th, 2010

Animating multi-facited, multi-planer warbots is a bitch! Not only do you have to know how the robot moves around in physical space, but you have to make them look cool while doing it too! If only there was a way we could actually see, touch and move around these  complex characters to add realism… Oh what’s that Steve Becker? Is that a…


There really is no better way to see how a character is going to interact in actual space. Check it out in all of it’s 3D rotatey glory. Also I threw in set the video to “You Spin Me Right Round” by Dead or Alive. Because why not. Enjoy.

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Friday, March 19th, 2010

BEFORE (2D logo)

AFTER (3D Logo)

So guess what, Atomic Robo has a great Logo. For the Fictory’s purposes, we faced a conundrum. Do we take and use a cool logo, or do we go the extra mile and create something amazing from an already strong foundation. After a little talk between myself and 3D supervisor, Allen Clements, we opted for the later. Later on we’ll give some behind the scenes on the actual process leading to the results pictured. But for now just rest your eyes on some delicious before and after shots…

…..mmmmmm that’s good.

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Hey Gang,

Lots of great stuff happening this week in the studio. Saturday started with The Fictory’s first field trip to a local train yard to shoot some reference pics for the upcoming train yard scenes in the short. It was cold and wet but we got some great pics that will help us populate future scenes! One of the cooler things I was tasked with this week  was creating patches for a close up of Robo’s vintage bomber jacket. Hardcore Robo fans will catch the references to past adventures. I composited the Patches on to the still of his leather jacket and have included a preview for you guys!


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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Hey, it’s no secret. The Fictory is staffed entirely by friggin’ nerds. So when Jeff suggested we sit down and podcast with the dudes from n3rdcast (that’s nerdcast for the web-illiterate out there) I said “Post Haste!”

You really can’t beat free promotion, coffee and good conversation. N3rdcast hosts Kwip and Dr. Sexy Fickes, no relation to the Fictory, joined us early Saturday morning. Before the Robo crew arrived, we had a nice long conversation about Atomic Robo: Last Stop, some previous Fictory projects and just generally cool stuff. So if you want some sweet auditory stimulation I highly suggest you click this link to LISTEN NOW… and subscribe the the n3rdcast’s regular podcasting schedule. And while your earlobes are filtering in the goodness, be sure to check out some costumed tomfoolery with the insanely talented Featherweight.

– Joe

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Friday, February 26th, 2010

How do I best put this…. Producing Animation is hard. Really hard. A tremendous amount of time, talent, and resources go in to each frame of Atomic Robo: Last Stop. Having said that, it’s also a blast! We get to draw AND talk about nerdy stuff all day.

This week the team convinced me to post a small snippet of the animation as it exists right now. So here’s the process to get to the video. Those of you with short attention spans might want to tune out about now…

I sit down with my creative team, Jeff McComsey and Dominic Vivona. And we take a look at our script written by Brian Clevinger and your’s truly.
Step 01:
From discussions on the script, I tell the guys where I would like our “camera” placed. On of the things that’s special about the Fictory Method, is that we treat animation like live action when preparing a shot.
Step 02: Jacked up on coffee, Jeff creates a storyboard based on our discussion. From here I approve the shot or we go back to the drawing board (literally) until  it’s up to snuff.
Step 03: I take the completed board and create an animatic. The animatic is cut to the exact timing and framing for the shot.
Step 04: Dom and I start war gaming the actual animation, acting out the scene and  roughing the animation. Jeff and I discuss background color feel and scale, he gets to work.
Step 05: Jeff creates the finished pencil and we hand over Dom’s key frame animation to our tweeners (in between animators). In the meantime I create a rough composite with the resources available.
Step 06: Tweens are finished, animation is  approved and colored, and backgrounds renders are completed.
Step 07: I take everything, bring it into the computer and put the stank-on-it. After fiddling with some knobs and pressing my computer’s animate button, the rough composite is dropped into our final film timeline.

Whew, thanks for bearing with me through all that. That’s just a small part of the processes we go through to bring you a sweet ass animation. Please enjoy a few seconds of the posted clip! Keep in mind this is NOT a finished shot. Just a rough composite.

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