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Lazer Focus ::

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


Things are heating up with the new Stabb Gunner production. Who’s most excited about it? This guy. More soon…

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Atomic Robo Screening ::

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

PCA&D lit facade looking south on Prince St_Photo by Matthew Tennison_cd58936a912f5607244260af7d2b5e04
Hey Gang,

If you’re going to be in the Lancaster area February 6th come on out to the first public screening of Atomic Robo Last Stop at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. After the 4 o’clock screening we’ll have a panel discussion with Jeff McComsey, Riley Hearn, Courtland Ellis and Joseph Krzemienski. Additionally we’ll be screening some early Fictory short films and discuss what it means to be an independent traditional animation studio in today’s market. Aspiring animators and animation lovers won’t want to miss this. Open to the public! For more details visit PCAD’s Event Page.

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Branching Out ::

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Ready for something totally new from the Fictory?? The studio is in production on their very first puppet based productin!  Better’n Recess front man Hoagy Wing contacted the Fictory to help create a video concept for their song ‘Pi is a Transcendental Number.’  You might know Hoagy as a long time member of the band Slo Mo, a Philly favorite.  This side project of his is semi-education and 100% awesome!

As the song explores the mathematical concept of Pi, muppet style puppets will journey through the trippy, circular themed set.  Construction has already begun on the scenery, which consists of several experimental moving parts.  Fictory animators and artist are busy creating the puppets.   This is the Fictory’s first chance to work with puppetry as a medium, and an exciting challenge for the studio!

Our sneak preview this week is a few early design sketches of the moving set.  Check them out and get excited for this musing, mystical music video…

Comment on this post and be entered to win a sweet prize next week!

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Atomic Robo Last Stop Beta Edition ::

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Well it’s finally the day. Atomic Robo coming at ya… If you backed us on kickstarter. If not, you have to wait till tomorrow. : )

WARNING::: Atomic Robo Last Stop Beta, is a mostly complete version of the final film. We hit some production snags at the very end but still wanted to share this awesome short animation! This is definitely NOT the official release. All audio will be subject to change.


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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Leave no pixel uncomposited. No key untweened. No animators left behind. Burning the midnight oil…

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