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New York Comic-Con ::

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Goodness gracious it’s been busy here at the studio. Which is actually awesome, but seriously cutting into our blogging time. Cameos are being worked into the film and production marches on! If you’re hankering for an Fictory fix, head on over to comicon and check out staffers, Jeff McComsey, Dominic Vivona and Steve Becker over at the Fubar Booth in Artist’s Alley #M6!

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Robo Stank ::

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

We never really talk about the sucky part of animating in a studio. This weekend our HVAC unit started showing signs of fatigue. It’s been a particularly muggy summer here in the great North East. Yesterday, we officially had no AC. Today, sucks. It’s muggy and smells like animator (even though we wipe down our animators daily with Clorox wipes). And have you ever tried animating on a screen while your hands are sweating? Not recommended. But we shall carry on bravely, till the glorious condensed cool air has been restored.

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Otakon Day One ::

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

What happens when you get a bunch of animators at a Convention table with nothing to do but talk to fans and doodle? You get a lot of strange drawings. Check out the above. We had a lot of fun making Helsie and Robo do some rather out of character stuff… wait… get you mind out of the gutter.

Look out for us at Otakon all weekend!

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Robo 2.0 ::

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

(working hard at The Fictory)

Initially when we decided to take a shot at a kickstarter for Robo we had modest expectations. We thought that we could secure enough funds for us to put in a few weeks and stitch up what we had in the production pipeline and at the least “finish” what we had. The original $12,000 was meant to bring in the principles for the a short sprint to bring the production to some type of ending.

(Robo’s model sheet)

By the time the Kickstarter had wrapped on April 12th  at $72,941 we had learned a few things. The first thing that became very clear was that Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener have a fantastic fanbase with Robo. They gained this fanbase the hard way, which to say they earned it by putting out kick ass content that people like to read on a regular basis. That fanbase turned out like gangbusters in support of ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP. Within 36 hours of launching the campaign, ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP was funded by  over 300% at $36,890. By the end of the 45th day campaign we had accumulated $72,941 in pledges. The second thing we learned is that we had drastically underestimated how many folks wanted to see this project finished.

(details on Robo’s head and hands)

After the campaign wrapped we got done freaking out, getting drunk and patting ourselves on the back we had a decision to make regarding the production. We now had a few options.

1.  We could just pay ourselves more for the work we were going to do. We’d just finish what we started.

2. We could make what we had longer. We’d  take what was going to be an animated short and add a few minutes on the end.

3. We could harvest what was working from the initial short and basically start from scratch. We could block out a few months and do a number on this short like we had always wanted to do.

(modelling Helsingard)

The decision was unanimous.
We would turn what was an unruly project that we did in our free time into a well oiled production and make a 12 minute short that properly displayed what The Fictory’s capablities are in 2012. The whole staff was a year and a half nastier then the last time we worked on Robo.

(a few storyboards)

In short, we got better and ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP will be a reflection of that.

(Robo, looking cool)

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New Concept Art ::

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

(concept art by Graey Erb)


We’ve been working hard making sure Atomic Robo’s animated debut is as cool as possible. We’ve revisited our character models and even did some all new concept work to make sure our main characters are working well. Check it out!

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