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Rewards for Days!


We have literally been trapped in our studio for days filling out domestic and international customs forms for the ARLS Kickstarter rewards, but who cares? We’re finally sending out the DVDs and other physical rewards!!!!  That means happy patrons and more space in the studio to stuff artists and to do what we do best; make cool stuff.

We’re currently packaging/shipping all $35 domestic ARLS Kickstarter rewards this week! Thrilled to finally be getting these rewards out to you all, thank you again and again for being so patient!

Ps. The US Postal Service might actually be more complicated than making animated shorts. Tighten up Uncle Sam, sheesh.

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2 Responses to “Rewards for Days!”

  1. Allen says:

    I know it’s been tough for people waiting a very long time for this to come to fruition, but I saw first hand how much extra time you put into making it great. I hope that people still feel the pride that comes from kickstarting great art projects. When the film we invested in through kickstarter picks up some awards at international film festivals, we’ll all cheer together again.

  2. Jeff says:

    Got my DVD and buttons in the mail. I guess the buttons are nice, but Atomic Robo: Last Stop was very disappointing.


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