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Welcome Alisha + ARLS Update with brandnew SFX

Preview from the current ARLS production footage with new color treatment

Hello Fictory Fans and Friends!
I was just brought on by the Fictory to do one very important and so far neglected job…  keep you all informed!  The team at Fictory has a lot of exciting projects going on, and they are hard at work.  Sometimes, they get so busy ‘doing’ these incredible, fan-driven projects they aren’t ‘showing’ their progress.  That’s what I’m here for!  I’ve been granted access to all the creative team members of the Fictory and all of the projects in the pipes to bring updates, sneak previews, and maybe even hand out a couple sweet prizes.  Check in with us weekly to catch up on the latest news!
Our first Fictory team update is, of course, in regards to Atomic Robo.   If you don’t know, Atomic Robo is an animated short based on a popular graphic novel.  The Fictory planned a small indy project and ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign to fund it.  The fans of Atomic Robo came through so overwhelmingly that the initial plan had to be scrapped. The amount of support demanded a much higher quality project and well… they got ambitious.  They brought in a larger production team of really talented individuals to bring their skills to the project.  As the scope of the project grew, the team and the production timeline grew as well.
Now all that work is paying off, and the Fictory is proud to announce the final stages of production!  As of right now, the team is putting together the credits with the names of each and every one of the Kickstarter donors.  As soon as the DVDs are pressed, the remaining rewards will be shipped out complete with every part.

Our sneak preview this week is from Atomic Robo- One of the areas the team chose to really bring in the best was in the sound quality of the short.  They worked with Joe Fitzgerald previously on American Terror: Company Man and hired him back into the studio for this short.  Listen to a sneak preview of the audio and check out his contributions! Sorry, only Kickstarter backers can USE THIS LINK TO WATCH for now!

Just In case you missed it the first time around, check out American Terror too!

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