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Atomic Robo Last Stop Beta Edition

Well it’s finally the day. Atomic Robo coming at ya… If you backed us on kickstarter. If not, you have to wait till tomorrow. : )

WARNING::: Atomic Robo Last Stop Beta, is a mostly complete version of the final film. We hit some production snags at the very end but still wanted to share this awesome short animation! This is definitely NOT the official release. All audio will be subject to change.


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4 Responses to “Atomic Robo Last Stop Beta Edition”

  1. Aegis says:

    Okay, I waited til tomorrow, then some more days after that – htf do I buy it? 😛

  2. Featherweight says:

    So its been a week when is Last Stop going to be live to the public?

  3. Timothy Williams says:

    Um, has this shipped? It is now August 23rd and I gave money via kickstarter and I have not received anything. What’s up?

  4. Kaijumaster says:

    May we request a status update of the project? It has been two months without communication.


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