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Atomic Robo Last Stop Release Trailer for FCBD

Here it is Robo fans. A shiny new ARLS trailer, just for you! We’re pleased to report that the animation the Robo community supported is nearing completion and will be out this summer. While you wait for the finish, enjoy these never before seen clips!

And, being Free Comic Book Day, we have a bunch of goodies in store for you. First, if you haven’t downloaded the Atomic Robo Violent Science game, head over to Second Fiction and nab it…. AND get the Free FCBD levels based on the Atomic Robo FCBD issue! To get the in game download code just pick up a copy of Atomci Robo FCBD and find the Violent Science page.

And if you’re new to the Fictory, be sure and check out Stabb Gunner, one of our own properties. Get the Pinball Games (links on the side), read Issue One for free, and check hot new pages from Issue Two!

Finally, we know it’s hard work getting from shop to shop. So why not lighten that load with some sweet tunes from Virtual Boy? You might recognize them from things such as Atomic Robo Last Stop, and Atomic Robo Violent Science… and being generally awesome. We recommend Symphony No. None for your listening pleasure. But in truth, we celebrate their entire catalog.

Why are you still reading? Get out there and have some fun!

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