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Violent Science Out Now

We’ve just released our first big Atomic Robo: Last Stop related goodie. Atomic Robo: Violent Science is available now for iOS. Violent Science is a labor of love and many of the people working on the film have been a big part of getting the game to market. Atomic Robo is a character about inclusion. Which is why the producers of the game over at Second Fiction are committed to rolling out versions for platforms outside of iOS (the game is gorgeous on a windows Surface). As we continue to plug away at the film, we think Voilent Science will keep you happy in the mean time.

The game’s plot very, very loosely follows the film, but don’t worry, no major spoilers. Read all about it on it’s PAGE over at second fiction. Or Download and play it now on your iPhone or iPad (Warning iOS 6 only!). You’ll find the game to be very deep, including upgradable abilities and story. We have much more planned for updates including unlocked abilities and much more game content!

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