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THE FICTORY get’s a VIP visit!

Not surprisingly some of the most popular rewards for the ATOMIC ROBO: Last Stop Kickstarter were the signed copies of Atomic Robo volumes. We expected that they would be popular but we didn’t expect them to be 540 copies of ATOMIC ROBO Volumes 1-6 popular.

Last week co-creator of ROBO, Scott Wegener was on a family vacation with the Wegener clan that happened to bring them right into the neighborhood of The Fictory.

We all decided this would be a great chance to get this half ton of comics signed by one half of TEAM ROBO.

Scott, like the stone cold pro he is sat down and signed all 540 copies of ROBO the studio procured ¬†to fill rewards once production is complete. Crippling hand cramps aside a good time was had by all! ¬†Everyone was excited to meet the man whose character’s we’ve been drawing for so long and talk comics and animation.

Now we just need to to get Brian Clevinger to visit sunny Lancaster, Pennsylvania and we’ll be set.

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  2. Trevor M says:

    Ahh! Good news, It’s been painful holding off on buying a copy of Vol. 6


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