Lately, you’ve been seeing a lot of cool tweets, posts, and various rhetoric showing the progress of the Atomic Robo: Last Stop film.  One of the reasons this is is because we’ve begun! Muahahahahhaha!

Another more important reason for the increased communique is the addition of Natasha Warshawsky to theFictory.  Natasha is a Drexel student, home for the summer and she fell right into our front door to help with the film!  She’ll get some cool experience, industry cred and even some college credit for this endeavor but we are equally lucky to have her here for our production.

When asked why she wanted to hang out with us nerds, Natasha responds, “The Fictory seemed like a perfect fit for me. Its conveniently located about 10 minutes from my house, the work they do is pretty awesome, and I definitely wanted to stay busy this summer.  Robo is such a kickass character that I couldn’t help but love him right away! I also believe that comics and animation are two genres that really go hand in hand, so I’m very excited for Last Stop to put its spin on Robo’s story.”

Natasha is in her second year of school at Drexel in Philadelphia.  She is working towards a Bachelorate Degree in Animation and Visual Effects.  She’s trying to balance education and experience which is a great idea for anyone planning on entering any workforce.  “At school, we are learning the necessary skill sets to be successful in this industry. I’m hoping this internship will show what its like after school, that is, I’ll be working with people who are already proficient at their craft and watching what they do to be successful.”
Finally, I asked Natasha what she thinks she’ll get out of her internship.  “At the Fictory I hope that I will be familiarized with how a professional animator and his team work, which can be a lot different from how a student works. Working like a pro is an invaluable skill!” She also cites strong teamwork as a valuable asset to learn at theFictory as we dive right in.  Look forward to more communication from Natasha in the coming weeks… and heck, WELCOME HER TO THEFICTORY!


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