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Old Robo vs. New Robo

As with the first round of Robo, we always want our models to match the art of Scott Wegener as closely as possible. Since graphic-novel-Robo has evolved in his design since we first started, our model sheets had to be freshened up a little before we got to work.

Here’s how we had Robo before…

(Robo 1.0)

…and below, the updated version. Still Sexy, with just a touch more of that new Robo charm. We poured through all six (to date) graphic novels and found that  volume 4 (Atomic Robo and Other Srtangeness) and Volume 6 (the Ghost of Station X) were the most apropos.

(Robo 2.0)

If you don’t know already, model sheets are a very important step in producing a 2D animation! They keep the characters consistent, which is especially good for when multiple animators are collaborating  on a project.

Til next time!

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  1. BIFCO says:

    I didn’t remember that robo had arm so longue but I the 2.0 a lot better great job guys 🙂 I’m one of the backer


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