Atomic Robo: Last Stop American Apparel Tees!

We commissioned a limited number of hand-printed American Apparel Tees printed by Lancaster Artist Zachary Kolodziejski!

Want some? Postage Paid Ebay Auctions (PPD ContUS)

Small – Ebay

Medium – Ebay

Large – Ebay

XL – Ebay

2XL – Ebay – updated. two more listed.


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2 Responses to “Atomic Robo: Last Stop American Apparel Tees!”

  1. Riko Stan says:

    Any more of these coming? I can’t find an XL Atomic Robo shirt anywhere! They are sold out at every single place I could find.

  2. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    Yes. We’re wrapping up the film, and then taking stock of our remaining inventory. Should be some up this summer!


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