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Dr. Dino Enacts Meaty Revenge

Apparently Dr. Dino’s had a little tantrum. He didn’t appreciate being left out of our Kickstarter campaign and decided to run amok on our site graphics with MS Paint. In addition to the defacing he demanded a few additions to our Kickstarter Campaign all of which you can find HERE. If we don’t reach his newly stated goals he’s threatened continue to hold The Fictory servers hostage… even though he only hacked in deep enough to create a separate user account with limited front-end editing privileges. An account that we should be able to find without to much hassle and delete. Oh well, better to leave the graphics up for now anyway. Who knows what other “diabolical schemes” he’s got planned.


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4 Responses to “Dr. Dino Enacts Meaty Revenge”

  1. Nathan says:

    I am really excited about the kickstarter, but is there any chance of PC or android versions? I dont have access to a Mac or iOS device. Good Luck!

  2. Dr. Dino messed up the page…joe?

  3. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    @Nathan. For some very boring, very technical reasons, our studio currently does not develop for android. This could change in the future. Do you ever come out to comic conventions? We’re going to start touring the country with our full size digital pinball cabinet.

  4. Nathan! Good news! There will be AN android/iOS hybrid game called Atomic Robo: Trainyard Dash if we reach 75k (which I think we will)


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