Watch The Atomic Robo:Last Stop Official Trailer Here

Well, we were holding off on posting this alone until the project gained some steam… But thanks to you we’ve got enough  to power a steam engine. Enjoy the trailer in glorious HD.

And thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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3 Responses to “Watch The Atomic Robo:Last Stop Official Trailer Here”

  1. Glenora Girl says:

    AWESOME! I’m so sick of creative people getting screwed by the BIG GUYS! Keep going….you have great energy and can have a global following in a snap!

  2. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    Thank you! This whole operation only works if we can convince people like you that we’re creative capable and hungry. Believe me we’ve got all three in spades! I hope you love the finished film. : )

  3. This looks brilliant! As a passionate Atomic Robo fan, I most decisively approve…mostly because you nailed the facial expressions:) How much of this project is being done in collaboration with Wegener and Clevinger? What’s your projected completion date. And do you need an illustrator to do up a potential poster for you…because I might just be your guy.
    Great to see the creative power of the little guy at work. Cheers!!


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