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Game Testers Needed

This month the Fictory, in association with Nuclear Nova, and Postage, Inc., releases it’s first game, Pinball Massacre! Pinball Massacre is a riff on the classic pinball cabinet, with a twist. Our pinball game takes place in the Stabb Gunner universe, which means it’s outrageously fun and quirky!

Over the past few months we’ve done all of the hard work. Now the fun stuff begins. Before we release our new game to the world, we need the help of some Game Testers. If you’ve feel like coming down to the studio and testing your mettle against our designers high scores, send an email to with the subject “GAME TESTER”. We also have some options for remote testing. Thanks for your help!

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8 Responses to “Game Testers Needed”

  1. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    Fantastic, we’ll get you set up.

  2. Ray V says:

    Im game 🙂

  3. Dani Phoenix says:

    Is this another Iphone/pad game?

  4. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    It’s a Mac and iOS game. So it runs on Apple computers and mobile devices. It’s a 3D game so a decent graphics card doesn’t hurt either.
    : )

  5. Peter Krzemienski says:

    Id be up for trying it out. I can use Jens I-Phone if it wouldn’t work on my Android.

  6. Joseph Krzemienski says:

    It’s apple only. Yes it will work on her phone… but the offsite beta is only Mac computers. No mobile devices.

  7. Bradon says:

    Yeah i need this


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