Well, Courtland and I have been chugging away to get Stabb Gunner, Chapter One out to the world at large and we’re mega jazzed about the results were getting. It’s been a lot of work but it’s been worth it 100%! Our process has continued to evolve as is the case with all ongoing projects.

Which is brings me to the purpose of this post. Recently we’ve wanted to get those extreme angles with our backgrounds that are kind of signature to the book. So I decided to draw on my knowledge of film making, specifically previs. I build a very rough model of the most important set from Chapter One, the Sleeping Baby Dragon Sanctuary. Now we can fly a camera around a virtual set and make sure we get that killer angle we try so hard to find.

Original Art - Pencils by Courtland Ellis, Ink by Steve Becker and Color by Jeff McComsey

The Vitual Model, in Software

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