Board_046 | Shot 23 (Train Yard Scan)

First, a little context. If you’ve been following this blog for a decent span of time, you know that the majority of Atomic Robo: Last Stop takes place in a train yard. What you might not know is the level of care and sweet, sweet love we put into every shot. For example, the Storyboard above…

When Jeff was putting this together, I explained the shot. A (temporarily unnamed) Action Scientist stands atop a cliff, miles away, spying through her super neat sci-fi goggles. The framing is her POV. So what is onscreen  is a wide sweeping shot of a dilapidated train yard, complete with a heads up display. Note the Robo and Bogey icons.

So while this is a pretty straight forward shot, it’s also an establishing shot. Which means we had to get it right. For the sake of meticulousness and serving the fans, myself, Jeff, and Steve hopped into cars and took a field trip to an actual train yard. Because when it comes to accurately capturing a setting, fuck google. You need to put on your boots, slog through the mud and the rain and experience the environment. Which is exactly what we did.

Here’s some of the reference we got with our super expensive cameras. As seen below:

Jeff and Steve talk about framing. Thanks for carrying my camera case Jeff!

Why does this make me think of Stand By Me?

Jeff is so teeny-tiny.

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